March 26, 2019


The founder of Lakhdar Soccer Academie with vast experience in theFootball Management more than 20 years wants to give his kwoledge to young talents hidden and forgotten(neglected) to enter the world professional football and realize their dreams.We  are after each young who has talent.We educate and follow him through football.We train men and foorballerss in the discipline of society and football.Between our Academy and young talents the :RESPECT-WORK-SERIOUS And SUCCESSFULL

our product will be oriented to the professional clubs(Algerie/Europe).To take into  account the talent with magic(Talent in the proper sense of the world9.Hope our young players who have talent can come to try their luck.We are not football club,association or oeganisation.We are private academy dependent to Dzair Soccer Agency located in Norway represented by Mr Lakhdar Boussakra Fifa Agent de Match /Joueurs/intermediaire which deals with the product of Lakhdar Soccer Academie to transfer (Loan/Transfer).We are waiting the product to guide them,Now the ball is in the hands of our youngers

The luck comes once in the life

                                                                       LAKHDAR  SOCCER ACADEMIE

                                                                        LAKHDAR  BOUSSAKRA

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