March 26, 2019



Lakhdar Soccer Academie LSA have several academy as seen below :

  • Pre-academy : 6-9 years the child is introduced to Football by learning in an organized and according to an academic approach.
  • Academie : 10-14 years old this stage the child enters the phase of pre-formation during which he will have to undergo more intense exercises and of quality.
  • Training : 15-19 years This phase is immediately linked to that of the training, the young person requires he exemplary behavior especially in matters of hygiene of life, physical recovery, maintenance of the body.

Finally a school path, requirement of general knowledge at the end of language foreign, culture and sport. Our philosophy is based as follows: Educational Project-School Project-Sports Project-Fair Play Important goal School monitoring is important for young people Our ambition : To train high-level players but above all, well-rounded men Our values :

Work-Respect for others-Solidarity-Open-mindedness Academie gives young people training in the best sports and academic conditions. Respect / Pride / Pleasure Note to lovers of the round ball it was necessary to go through the Formation and STAY SMALL to BECOME GREAT Lakhdar Soccer Academy encourages you to dream the high level by seriousness and work in imposing your talent and your personality in the football zone Sports Saluyations

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